Potash Junction-Roadrunner 230 kV Transmission Line

The Potash Junction-Roadrunner transmission line project was energized October 27, 2015. The estimated cost is $59 million. A 115 kV static var compensator (SVC) was installed at the Roadrunner Substation in early 2016, and energized in March, 2016. The SVC has an estimated cost of approximately $29 million.

The Potash Junction-Roadrunner 230 kV transmission line project consists of 40 miles of new 230 kV transmission line between the new Roadrunner Substation located about 42 miles southeast of Carlsbad, New Mexico and the Potash Junction Substation located approximately 15 miles northeast of Carlsbad. The line is constructed as 345 kV but initially being operated at 230 kV. A $23 million conversion to 345 kV has an in-service date of 2018.

The Potash Junction Substation is upgraded with three new transformers, including two 115kv/69kV transformers and a 230kv/115kV transformer. The 115kv/69kV transformers were placed in-service in August, 2015. The estimated cost of the transformers is $8 million.

The project will improve reliability and meet growing electricity demand in Eddy and Lea Counties. It will also create additional capacity in the existing 115 kV system.

Xcel Energy filed a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission on April 22, 2014. It was approved December 23, 2014.

Quick Facts
Estimated length
42 miles
Estimated cost
$88 million
In-service date
October 27, 2015