Roswell Loop 115 kV Transmission Line Project

The Roswell Loop 115 kV transmission line project consists of more than 23 miles of new transmission line to boost the high-voltage transmission network serving the Roswell, New Mexico area. Work on the second phase of the project was completed in January 2018.

The project includes replacing 69-kilovolt transmission lines with new 115-kilovolt lines which boost the capacity and improve the reliability of the local power grid.

  • A nine mile, 115-kilovolt transmission line segment between the Roswell Substation in southern Roswell and the Capitan Substation in western Roswell that was completed in 2014.
  • A 10-mile, 115-kilovolt line between the Capitan and Price Substations in north Roswell (completed in June 2017) and a 4.7-mile, 115-kilovolt line connecting the Price and Chaves County substations northeast of Roswell (completed January 2018).
  • Upgrades to Roswell, Capitan, Price and Chaves County substations.
Quick Facts
Estimated length
23.7 miles
Estimated cost
$24 million
In-service date
January 31, 2018