Hopi-North Loving-China Draw 115 kV Transmission Line Project

The Hopi-North Loving-China Draw 115 kV transmission line project consists of about 30 miles of new transmission line including nine miles of 115 kV transmission line from the Hopi substation which is located about 5 miles southwest of Carlsbad to the new North Loving substation located about eight miles southeast of Carlsbad. An additional 18 miles of new 115 kV transmission line runs between the North Loving substation to the new China Draw substation located about 22 miles south of Carlsbad. Construction on the China Draw substation began in September 2014 and was completed in May 2014.

The project will provide additional transmission capacity and electric service in the areas around Loving and south along the State Highway 285 corridor to the Texas state line.

The Hopi-North Loving-China Draw 115 kV transmission line project was placed in-service on May 25, 2015. The estimated cost of the project is $21.5 million. A 115 kV static var compensator (SVC) is being installed at the China Draw Substation. The SVC has an estimated cost of approximately $26 million. It is expected to be in-service in May, 2016.

On April 29, 2014, the Southwest Power Pool approved the issuance of 44 Notices to Construct to Xcel Energy’s Southwest Public Service Company for new transmission facilities in New Mexico needed between now and 2020 at a cost of $557 million. Xcel Energy plans to build all of the approved facilities including construction of 12 new substations and upgrades to nine existing substations, as well as 149 miles of new 115 kV and 245 miles of new 345 kV transmission lines.

Quick Facts
Estimated length
27.32 miles
Estimated cost
$48 million
In-service date
May 25, 2015