Dallam-Sherman 115 kV Transmission Line

The Dallam-Sherman 115 kV transmission line will enhance electric reliability to the existing and growing loads in Dallam and Sherman counties. Over the past decade, the electrical load in the area has increased by nearly 24 percent, with an average annual load growth rate of 2.78 percent. The line, which runs between the Dallam County Substation, northwest of the city of Dalhart, and the Sherman County Substation, near the city of Stratford, provides an alternate electric transmission source to the communities of Dalhart and Stratford and provides additional transmission capacity supporting backup transmission services in Hartley and Moore counties.

The line was built using single and double pole self-supporting steel structures. Structures are 70 to 140 feet tall with a 70-foot right-of-way.

Regulatory Documents

Quick Facts
Estimated length
37.4 miles
Final cost
$14.5 million
In-service date
April 29, 2011